** ISSUE NUMBER 10/001**

Key facts

What we do

We produce handmade mulberry paper, paper gift and stationery products. We use traditional production techniques in natural village settings, working in small groups that are scattered around the countryside, but which are part of the same co-operative. As an ATO we concentrate on rural development.

Who we are

We are an established alternative trading organisation (ATO) with American and Thai management, supporting a woman’s co-operative movement called White Lotus. We are the only ATO operating in the paper business. The White Lotus program aims to prevent exploitation of village women in three ways:
(i) providing village women with a viable income (we guarantee a fair price for skilled work)
(ii) raising their awareness of their rights and increasing their confidence and self-respect
(iii) encouraging them to unite as a co-operative and thereby to stand up and resist exploitation, particularly by the sex industry.

Why we are different

GHQ is a commercial organisation, which does not receive external funding or donations. However, our production is integrated with local social work and we see the support of the villagers and improvements in village life in of our community as our reason for being. We pay producers promptly, provide training, offer free warehousing facilities and advances for the purchase of raw materials and we co-ordinate bulk purchases. We also contribute a significant percentage of all our sales proceeds back to the village groups as a cash bonus for communal projects.

Why we need each other

Our professionally staffed administration and marketing office can give you the reliability, honesty and promptness that you need when dealing with overseas suppliers. You can trust us. Our products are thoroughly quality controlled at every stage of production and packing, are well designed, practical, durable and beautiful. We employ a Total Quality Manager as a pivotal member of our management team. We need you regular orders to sustain our business and development and thereby to continue to keep the local craft skills and our program alive. Please support us.

Product design features

Our full time designers combine local sensitivity and design skill with practical knowledge of overseas trends and tastes. We are constantly working on new product ideas and will continue to lead the field with innovative designs and production techniques. In September 1997, we received the Packaging Design Award from the Department of Export Promotion sponsored Packaging Design competition. Our winning product was featured on the front page of their brochure.

The benefits we can give to you (primary competitive advantages)

Ordering product samples

We do not hold stocks of any products because of the huge diversity of range and colors available. Samples are therefore made to order and we will be pleased to make any samples from our product range on request. There is no minimum order quantity for samples and they are charged for at the FOB price +50 %, plus carriage. We can also make new products to your own specifications. Please send us the details and we will quote a FOB price for your approval before making the samples. Carriage can be by airmail (about 9 days to Europe/USA), EMS speed post (about 5 – 7 days) or couriers such as UPS (4 – 5 days). Please note that we are obliged by Thai tax laws to add VAT (currently 7%) to goods that do not pass through Thai Customs. VAT is therefore applied to packages that are sent by airmail, EMS or courier service.

Key Sales contacts

Mr. Jeffrey Jones (Managing Director)