1. Minimum order value
Minimum order value: US$ 2,500 except for orders under our "One Carton Specials" category. Orders below US$ 2,500 may be accepted at the discretion of Grassroots HQ Co., Ltd. and are subject to an increase on list prices.

2. Payment terms
All orders: 30% deposit, paid in cash or by direct bank transfer on receipt of our deposit invoice. For total orders under US$ 20,000, the balance is to be paid by direct bank transfer on completion and before dispatch. For total orders over US$ 20,000, the balance may be paid by L/C.

3. Carriage
Quoted prices are FOB Chiang Mai. FOB Chiang Mai includes quality control at GHQ warehouse, standard GHQ packaging for products in shrink wrap or plastic bags, packing into freight cartons, delivery to shippers in Chiang Mai, all shipping documents including a Certificate of Origin where required and Customs clearance in Thailand. If shipment is made from Bangkok port, a trucking charge from Chiang Mai to Bangkok is added to our invoice.

4. Prices
The prices or charges specified in the Price List or in a contract are related to our cost of manufacturing, obtaining and paying for goods, materials and service. If there is an increase either in such costs or in our list prices, Grassroots HQ Co., Ltd. shall be entitled to increase the price or charges in respect of any goods dispatched subsequent to an increase. Costs of additional point of sale packaging such as adhesive labels, barcodes, screen printing, printed leaflets and so on, will be added to the invoice.

5. Product changes and specifications >
Grassroots HQ Co., Ltd. reserves the right to add to or delete from the published range or to change the specifications of products without notice. Each handmade product is unique and uniformity of any specification is not guaranteed.

6. Completion, dispatch and delivery
Any date named by Grassroots HQ Co., Ltd., for completion, dispatch or delivery is given in good faith and intended as a best estimate only and it shall not be liable to make good any damage or loss of whatever nature, including of a consequential nature whether arising directly or indirectly out of delay in dispatch or delivery.

7. Title
All goods remain the legal and beneficial property of Grassroots HQ Co., Ltd., until full payment has been received, although the risk passes to the buyer at the time of delivery. If the buyer commits any breach of his obligations to Grassroots HQ Co., Ltd. including failure to pay for the goods by the due date, Grassroots HQ Co., Ltd. or its appointed agents shall have the right to retake possession of the good without prejudice to any other remedy.

8. Claims
Delivery of the wrong goods must be notified to Grassroots HQ Co., Ltd. in writing within fourteen days from receipt of the goods at the buyer’s premises. A faxed notification is acceptable. Failure to give such notification shall render the buyer liable for payment of all goods as invoiced and he the buyer shall have no further right to reject goods or recover any compensation for them. No other returns accepted.
Our prices DO NOT include marine insurance and we are not liable for any physical damage incurred in transit.

9. Force Majeure
If we are prevented from delivery by reason of war, industrial action, fire, flood, trade dispute or government intervention or regulations (In Thailand and elsewhere) or other causes beyond our reasonable control, the contract shall at our option be either fulfilled as soon as the circumstances permit; or cancelled or renegotiated.

No terms and conditions other than set out above shall be binding on Grassroots HQ Co., Ltd. Unless the changes have been agreed in writing.